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Silk Dragon

Silk Dragon is the name of one of the most beautiful restaurants in Chinatown, whose owner comes from the famous Wong family. This family is known for being involved in producing high-quality silk for generations, from which it has earned a lot of money. That can be expected, considering how hard they work.
However, one looks differently at people who possess great wealth. Namely, an hour ago, a big robbery happened in the Silver Dragon restaurant. It seems that the thieves knew in advance that the owner of the restaurant hid many valuable items in this very place.
An hour after the robbery, detectives Anna, Stefan, and Emma arrive at the restaurant in Chinatown. Their task here is clear - to find out who are the thieves of valuable objects. It could be an outsider who has closely observed what is going on in Silk Dragon or an insider who knows very well where the valuables are hidden. Let's take part in the investigation and help our detectives find the culprits.

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