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Mystic Solitude

Martha lives in the village and loves life there. she was born there, lived there with her family, and some time ago, her sister moved to the neighboring village. The terrain in this region is not so urbanized, so she most often moves on foot to do her daily chores. And that is not a problem at all, although the weather sometimes has the power to change the course of life in this environment.
Martha often uses the forest to get from her village to the village where her sister lives. She knows the terrain well and she passes through it without any problem. However, because of the flooding, the region was affected by the floods, and today Martha decided to change her route. Supposedly she knows the terrain but it seems that it's not that easy.....
While traveling, Martha got lost and while wandering around she found a forest hut where she decided to take shelter. She felt a little scared, but she didn't see any other way out of the whole situation, so she decided to stay there and plan what her next step would be.

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