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Christmas Bazaar

We must admit that the Christmas and New Year holidays awaken emotions in all of us. Although these can be feelings of mild sadness and melancholy or loneliness, most often they are feelings of happiness and faith that we will have a better tomorrow. Everyone feels rather peaceful, Christmas trees are put up, homes and yards are decorated, and everything becomes magical.
Grandma Marta and her grandchildren Mark and Anna have their own Christmas traditions. They do not miss visiting the Christmas bazaar every year, looking for new Christmas decorations. It is full of interesting objects and handicrafts, so the children and the grandmother are very happy when they go around the bazaar and look for decorations for their house.
Let's join this Christmas adventure and look at what this year's Christmas market offers. Let's see what is hidden on the stands and help Grandma Martha and her grandchildren choose decorations to decorate their home during Christmas when the whole family enjoys sharing moments.

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