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Elfs Secret Mission

Elves are presented as Santa's best friends. Not that they are just friends, but they are also the best collaborators who help each other in carrying out the noble mission of Santa Claus.
And although their work seems to be carried out in the greatest harmony, they can still have certain problems. Namely, this time the little elf Buddy is in big trouble. He lost the list that Santa had given him, and that list stated which toys should be packed today from Santa's workshop. Those gifts are supposed to be delivered to the kids today, but Buddy will have to find all those gifts by memory today. Let's hope that Buddy's memory serves him well and that he manages to find all the presents because we don't want any sad children for the New Year.
Let's get involved in this New Year's adventure and find all the necessary toys together with Buddy. It will be very interesting to find out how the elves do their work and why Santa Claus needs them so much.

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