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Mystery Ride

Missing people have always been some of the most difficult cases faced by the police. Sometimes because some of the missing do not want to be found, but sometimes also because the worst has happened to them.
Detective Kevin has solved many cases in his career and the outcomes of those cases have been varied. This time he is on a mission to find out what happened to the 18-year-old boy. Everyone is talking about this case and the whole public hopes that the case will be solved soon. The young man was last seen in one of the public transport stations. Ottogas mu se gubi sekakva traga.
Now, detective Kevin wants to investigate in detail the place where the boy was last seen. The search for the bus, and maybe even the bus station itself from which it left, is difficult because it is a place that is visited by countless people every day, literally. This means that it is very easy the traces to be deleted, or mixed with others, which can really complicate the investigation.Let's try and somehow get involved in the investigation and help detective Kevin finish everything successfully.

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