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Sparkling Party

Organizing a party is a big job, and in this case, it's not just about having fun. The party comes at the end, and it is preceded by serious preparations. It is necessary to decide what to eat, what to drink, who will be invited to the party. After all, the important part is to take care of the music, then the arrangement of the space... to finally enjoy the company and all the other things.Debra is the main organizer of this year's New Year's party.
My idea is to gather all my friends in my new apartment and celebrate the New Year there. Debra got ready in time, arranged the space, and bought everything she needed, but there were only a few hours left until the new year, so Debra wanted to make sure everything was in the best order before her friends came.
Let's see how Debra prepared the house for the big New Year's party. She has everything sorted out, but maybe she needs a little help from us to see if there is something she missed to sort out. Our time is short, so let's act immediately.

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