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Thrifty Finds

Today, we will meet Amanda, a collector of old and valuable objects. She has a passion for discovering the hidden value of seemingly insignificant objects, but have a hidden value that is not so obvious due to their age. Amanda usually finds these items at garage sales, where people sell them because they no longer need them or their living conditions do not allow them to keep them in their homes. Miracles can be found at these sales, but you still have to be persistent and patiently search.
Right now, there is a garage sale that Amanda will be attending, hoping to find new valuables for her collection. She hopes that today will be one of those days when she can enrich her collection with something new and interesting.
But as we said, finding these items can be a difficult task sometimes. It requires effort and careful searching, so let's get in on the action and help Amanda in her search. We hope to find something interesting among all the items that are sold at the garage sale.

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