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Clues in the Frames

As in any profession, some actors are interested in doing their job that is, acting what they need, and that's it. However, some want to expand their interests and knowledge, so actors often want to direct or write scripts.
Chandler is one of the actors in the new film that is currently being filmed on one of the Hollywood sets. He is primarily interested in acting, but something he noticed on the set of his latest film made him want to do something extra. Namely, Chandler is worried about the future of this film. It seems that someone is deliberately sabotaging the shooting of the film.
Someone stole the recording book, and now the producers don't want to finance a film that doesn't have a recording book. Chandler wants to solve this mystery. He is ready to investigate to understand who is responsible for this whole situation.Let's help Chandler find out what happens on set and who is responsible for the book disappearing on set.

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