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Summer Hideaway

When the summer heat comes, we all wish to go somewhere where the temperatures are lower, and we can enjoy it instead of fighting the heat. For some, it is a mountain place, a summer house by a lake, an idyllic village place, while for Kathleen, it is also her cottage which is located in the countryside, but it is located in a very specific place.
Kathleen has her secret place where she goes during the hot summer days. She loves to spend the summer in her cottage in the country which is very special and rare. The summer house is built in the trunk of a huge tree and is a real place to cool down in the hot weather. Kathleen never fails to visit this place during summer.
Let's visit Kathleen's secret place and see how does a house that is not built on the tree, but literally in it, looks like. It is probably something that each one of us wants, to be our refuge during the unbearable summer heat, but hardly anyone has it, right?

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