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Lost Research

Academic work is demanding, but it produces results that are significant for humanity or at least for the development of a certain science. Such studies and assignments last for years - to explore the dynamics of a certain topic and to provide results that will serve the next generations of students, professors, and professionals in the field, but also ordinary people.
Profesorot Mike loves reserarch. Besides lectures, he works on various projects - sometimes alone, sometimes with his students, who follow his work and contribute to his study.
The professor, together with his students Amelia and John, has been working hard all year on a project, which should be presented at the end of the year. They put a lot of effort and love into this project, and the work itself does not represent any difficulty for them. However, now, they have a big problem that appeared at the last moment. Most of the items they need for the presentation of their research are lost, and the presentation cannot be made without those items. Let's help them find them

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