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Blooms And Secrets

The love of flowers is cherished by many. Some like to receive flowers, while others like to take care of flowers for real, so they have whole gardens of flowers. And that work is not easy at all because each flower requires care and special conditions. And it's not just about watering the flowers regularly. You also need to pay attention to what kind of soil is used, whether that soil needs to be fertilized from time to time, so you know when it's the right time for transplanting, and so on.
Amy and her father Justin are really big flower lovers. It seems that their love is getting bigger and is already moving into a professional pursuit. They have a flower garden where they grow a variety of flowers. They have responsibilities around the flowers every day, so they also need help with the work because the garden is getting bigger. People have started buying flowers from them, and the demand is getting bigger and bigger day by day.
Let's join this beautiful flower adventure and see what's in the beautiful garden of Amy and her father.

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