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Tridents Treasure

Welcome to another exciting adventure that takes us to new and interesting locations, places that you have certainly never visited before. Whether you have an interest in archeology or not, this game will wake up your curiosity and make you want to discover what lies beneath the surface.
Meet our today's characters - Elizabeth Green, Greg Kaczynski, and Selma Pierce. They are adventurous anthropology researchers and treasure hunters. You can imagine how cool that is, right? They look for some interesting story, some legend that is not known for sure whether it is true or not, and they investigate to find the truth.
This time they follow a very interesting story that they have been studying for years. For many years they have been looking for the legendary treasure of the mythical king Trident of Atlantis. After a long time of searching, they have found the location of the treasure. Now they just have to uncover it.

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