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Dynastic Secrets

The past knows to hide many secrets. We understand what happens in our everyday life, but we don't know what happened in the time when our ancestors lived. We hear various stories about how people used to live, where they lived, and what they did, but it is all shrouded in a certain mystery imposed by the passing of time, making us surprised by it all. However, one way or another, our past helps us understand better our present and gives us the strength to better deal with our future.
Now, we will meet a queen who is also facing her past at this time. Queen Asenath has found the hidden tomb of her ancestors, and she is very curious about her past. And the fact that she comes from a royal family makes that past even more intriguing. She is determined to find out more about her dynasty and collect their valued treasure so that it doesn't fall into the hands of grave robbers. Yes, those criminals follow this kind of thing, always being prepared to steal something that doesn't belong to them.

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