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Weekend Getaway

Sometimes our lives can be really busy. Daily chores, daily runs. At these times, each of us wishes there was a place we could go to when we're in such a rush, where we could have some fun and rest.
Our modern-day heroine faces these things as well. Her name is Grace Maddison, and she has had a long and stressful week at work. She is in desperate need of a long and relaxing weekend getaway. She waited a long time for this, and now she will finally be able to leave and relax a bit. Fortunately, she won't have to look for a place to stay because she owns a cabin away from the city where she can recharge her batteries. It is her safe place where she knows it will always be nice, and she won't encounter anything that doesn't go right.
Let's visit Grace Madison's cottage and see what her beautiful retreat looks like, the place she visits whenever she feels burnt out from her daily responsibilities.

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