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Whispers of the Past

We cannot know what is hidden in small villages. Those who live there know that there are some little secrets that you wonder if they are true, little stories handed down from generation to generation. In some such small, abandoned villages, there are even large works that remain closed, and hidden. One such mystery follows Jason and Amy.
The two, together with their Japanese friend Hana, arrive in a mysterious Japanese village. This village is thought to be somewhat unusual and hides certain secrets. Hana believes that many valuable objects are hidden in this village. Jason and Amy are adventurers by nature, so they accept Hana's offer to search for the lost treasure in this village. They are ready to devote hours and hours to research, to discover the great mystery of this village.
Let's join this adventure and find out if there are valuable objects hidden in the village. It will be interesting for us to discover something about Japanese culture, so let's start our research.

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