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Family Artifacts

We can never be sure of what our ancestors possessed. They bequeath us certain things, but some things that belonged to them may remain hidden or forgotten somewhere. Those objects may be found by an heir, but there is a chance that they will be discovered years, years later, or never.
Olivia is a young girl who is about to discover something more about her grandparents. She arrives at their property, which is located in a medieval village. She has come here to find the valuables belonging to her family. Olivia doesn't know exactly where those items are and fears that these items may have been stolen because thieves have been coming to this village lately. The target of the thieves are the abandoned houses which they rob, taking valuable objects from them.
Let's visit this medieval village and see what we can find there. We will certainly be amazed by the specific architecture, but we will also learn something more about Olivia's ancestors.

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