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Ghosts of Departure

In their career, detectives are forced to solve all kinds of cases. When starting any job, you can't predict how things will go. In this case, the cases can be simple and easy to solve, but things can go in a completely different direction, so that things that do not belong to this world have to be solved, imagine!
A series of things that cannot be explained happen at the modern airport. Yes, you will say countless people pass there, so it's normal for weird things to happen, but these things are really strange. There are strange disappearances and appearances of phantom passengers. Оur detectives, Mario and Cristina, have worked on various cases, but now, they are facing a paranormal case for the first time. Yes, it seems that these happenings are of supernatural origin and will have to be solved differently.
Mario and Cristina may not be amateurs in their work, but they are novices in paranormal cases, so let's see what's going on here and if we can help them in their work somehow.

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