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Clockwork Chronicles

Steampunk, have you heard of this term? In case you're not familiar with this term and think it's a genre of music, let us clear things up for you. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that draws inspiration from 19th-century steam-powered machinery for its aesthetic design and technology.
Although Steampunk originated as a literary movement in the 1900s, it has now expanded into fashion, art, design, music, and pop culture. Interesting, isn't it?Now, Kevin, our main character has come to the steampunk city. However, to stay in this city, certain conditions must be met. Kevin has to complete several tasks to get his own and get permission from them to operate in this city.
Let's see what the tasks are, whether they are difficult or not, and if we can help him overcome all the obstacles that stand in his way. We haven't had a trip like this before, have we, so let's see together what it's all about.

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