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Silent Betrayal

During any investigation, unexpected events and someone's actions that do not correspond to the rules and the logical course of the investigation are possible. Detective Mark Lawson has worked on a number of cases and solved them successfully, but this time he finds out that critical evidence for the current case was stolen and hidden in the police station.
That would mean that someone from the police is working behind the scenes and mixing things up. It is not correct at all, nor moral, but such situations occur daily in the work of detectives and the police.
For this case in particular, Mark will try to do everything in his power to solve this case and find out what is behind this whole situation. Mark is known for his keen observational skills, he decides to search the entire police station. However, this search must be secret because if his investigation becomes known, the evidence will be hidden. Mark must secretly search through different departments and solve puzzles to recover hidden evidence.Let's visit the police station and investigate the whole situation together with Mark.

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