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Shadows of Lumora

Let's take you to an unusual village. Yes, there are unusual villages characterized by certain things, that are unique in some way, but really strange things happen in this village. It is about the village of Lumora, a village where only the ghosts of the great wizards live. Ghosts, wizards, it all sounds unreal in a way, but yes, that is the truth about this village.
The wizard Richard and the psychic woman Mary are visiting the famous village of Lumora. They have a certain power that makes them stand out from the rest, but they need to increase their power too. That's why they are here in the village. Richard and Mary came to ask the spirits to give them more strength so that they could devote themselves more to their unusual calling.
Come and visit this unusual village and see what hides there. This meeting with something unknown may scare us a little, but we will still learn something new, something that only a few have had the opportunity to know and see.

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