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Forgotten Mystery

Urban legends have always existed, and people believe in some of them. Some of them are clear and come to light quite quickly, but some have been around forever and scare people as such. Evidence doesn't have to be much. The less evidence, the greater the mystery, right?
Now, we will tell you about a mystery that has existed for years and is connected to an abandoned gas station located in a part of the country, which is also quite neglected. So this place is something like a ghost town that hides a additional mystery. Namely, there is a belief that this place hides hidden artifacts that have not been found for many years. Our hero Mark is here, and he will try to solve this mystery.
Let's investigate together what is hidden in this mysterious region and whether this place harbors important artifacts. Mark will guide us through this adventure, as a connoisseur of mysteries of this type, and will show us the way to the hidden objects. Let's be persistent and search as much as we need to find an answer to the mystery.

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