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Serengeti Secrets

Endangered species are species that are at risk of extinction due to various factors such as habitat loss, climate change, poaching, and human activities. In this group, we can count leopards as well, which are a group of big cats found in various parts of the world.
Unfortunately, it's truly heart-wrenching to see how these innocent creatures are being threatened by various factors such as habitat loss, fragmentation, human persecution, illegal wildlife trade, ceremonial use of skins, prey base declines, and poorly managed trophy hunting. We must do everything that is in our power to protect them and ensure their survival for generations to come.
And we can make our first step right now. Adventurer George comes to the largest wildlife resort, Serengeti, and he has the task of verifying the rumors of the local population that, in the last few days, they have seen an endangered leopard in the resort. Let's see what exactly it is about and help Mark to find the leopard tracks. This will be an interesting adventure for us, so let's start the search right away.

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