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Memoirs of Romance

Wedding photos are a real joy, both for those who are in the role of the bride and groom in the pictures and for those who look at these pictures from the side. The wedding marks the official beginning of something beautiful, it represents the crown of a great love, and that's why these pictures evoke beautiful emotions in everyone.
In that context, we can say that Gabriela has a truly noble profession that constantly makes countless people happy. Namely, Gabriela is a wedding photographer. With her assistant Michael, Gabriela arrives at Alex's home, where her wedding with the love of her life, Sophia, is being prepared. Gabriela decides to make an interesting photo session here using objects that mean a lot in the lives of the two newlyweds. Let's help them find the right items.
Let's be a part of this beautiful love story and help it to be told as successfully as possible by finding all those objects that describe the beginning of Alex and Sofia's life together. We are sure that the newlyweds will be infinitely grateful to us.

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