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Trackside Treachery

Let's get involved in an interesting detective show in which we have to investigate like real detectives. The unfortunate event happens on the beaten track, so let's start from the beginning.
Detectives Thomas and Ashley arrive at the race track for Formula 1. There is talk of an unfortunate incident that happens on the track. Namely, an accident happened this morning during the race. The vehicle of Robert, who is a Formula 1 driver, lost control and crashed into the security fence. Fortunately, Robert was not injured, but he wanted to know who caused the accident, who wanted Robert dead, and whether someone intentionally damaged the vehicle before the start of the race.
Let's get involved in this investigation and try to find out what happened here. Who can be behind this innocent incident and who is so cruel that he wants to put someone's life in danger? We have to work like real detectives to find out what is really happening here and how far this kind of rivalry can go.

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