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This is a night that many movie fans are looking forward to. It is about the evening of awarding the prestigious film awards. Countless films have been made throughout the year, but only a few of them enter the competition for these awards. Fans vote throughout the year, while the awards are only given once that year.
However, there is a report of sabotage at this year's film awards ceremony. Maria is a detective who is on a secret mission tonight, she will work undercover to find out who wants to sabotage the event. She is dressed like a celebrity and is infiltrated among all the movie stars so that she can quickly get the information she needs to find out who it is that wants to sabotage the event.
Let's hang out with the famous and help Maria find the answers she's looking for. We hope that in the end, the event will go well and that the best will get their prizes, no matter what.

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