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Vineyard Voyage

Have you ever visited a winery? Wineries are stunning places, an endless area of vineyards located in a beautiful natural environment. Sometimes wineries include a section where you can taste wines from different periods, made over the years in this winery.
Charles and his wife, Betty, are the owners of one of the most famous wineries in the south of the country. Their work is going well because they do it with a lot of love and dedicate their whole life to it. It is precisely as a result of the good work that their wine receives valuable awards every year and ranks well. Betty and Charles are truly happy with their work, but also very proud of their successes.
However, as in any job, the daily responsibilities can be difficult at times, so winery owners always need a little help. Let's see how things are going at the winery and do what we can to help Charles and his wife Betty do well at the winery.

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