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The Big Race

Mark Brandon, a tenacious reporter for the Daily Scoop, had always been drawn to the thrill of the racetrack. The pounding hooves, the dust kicked up by galloping steeds, and the electric atmosphere—it was a world where fortunes were made and lost in the blink of an eye.
This time Mark's investigation led him to a web of jockeys, trainers, and bookies involved in a gambling circuit swindling the betting people from their hard-earned cash. This will be a big story, a breaking story about corruption at the big horse race. Mark feels that some traces are pointing at that, so now it is time to investigate things a little bit more before he exposes the truth.
Back at the Daily Scoop, Mark pieced together his findings. It seems that his exposé would rock the racing world, but is it possible to reveal such an affair and stay untouched by the ones involved in it?It seems that Mark’s race against corruption will continue, even when the big horse race is over.

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