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Terrific Treehouse

May children have their places where they feel safe. It's not that they are in danger or something, but their vulnerable nature in that period of their lives, makes them wanna be alone for a time or to be with someone, but far from the other world. They are in the process of development, they are still kids, but they wonder how it would be when they grow up. And those places make them feel bigger, older. Treehouses are probably the most wanted places for kids, almost every kid wants to have one, and Max and Lilly had one. They were best friends as kids, they feel as if they are best friends now, but they haven't seen each other since they were five. Finally, both teenagers are reunited and can't wait to go to their old hangout spot - their Terrific Treehouse.
Once they got to their house, the two friends started reconnecting by sharing memories, toys, and fun times. Some of their items are here, but also their memories are here, so they have numerous topics to be discussed, not to mention the new topics that will come from their future hanging out.

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