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Seek and Design

Donald is an interior designer. It is probably one of the most beautiful professions for people who are creative and don't want to be isolated in studios or offices. On the one hand, we have a lot of communication with people because we have to respond appropriately to their wishes, ideas, and needs, but on the other hand, there is a huge space for creativity. However, the designer has the final say, and the negotiation process is a very interesting journey.
Donald and his assistant, Stephanie, strive all the time to respond to the requests of their customers, but also to maintain their design style. Now, their task is to visit furniture showrooms and choose the most interesting objects for their designs.
Let's join this design challenge and help our designers in their work. Together with Donald and Stephanie, let's look at the offers in the furniture showrooms and find something interesting that will suit their customers. This is an interesting chance to show our affinities when it comes to design, isn't it?

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