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Mystical Temple

Any information about our past, about our ancestors and our family history, makes us richer. Our spirit becomes enriched with another dimension that helps us understand better where we are, and maybe even be more confident about our future.
Akira also wants to know more about his ancestors, or more specifically, his great-grandfather. She, together with her father Kaito, arrive at the most sacred place in their country, which is the temple of the great Buddha. Kaito's grandfather was one of the few monks in this temple, so this is a good opportunity for him to learn a little more about him. Cairo believes that here he will learn something more about the past and the roots of his family. On the other hand, this is a great chance for Akira to feel even closer to his family and learn something more about family values.
Let's join this interesting walk that takes us to one of the temples of the great Buddha and learn a little more about Akira's great-grandfather.

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