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Treasures of History

First working day, new job. It's something that hardly anyone can completely master from the first time. Yes, the job may be perfectly done, but the feeling of being new and the doubt about how you are doing in the new position are present for a while, without exception.
Karen has her first day of work at her new job. It is about the national museum where she is the new employee guide through the museum. Since she's new here, Karen needs our help to get the job done as successfully as possible. Let's see what Karen's new job entails and help her make it through her first day. Working in a museum can be interesting, considering that this museum contains many treasures of history, so this is a great opportunity to learn something about our distant past.
Our tour of the museum, as well as our work there, can begin, so let's hope that we will be of use to Karen and help her to sell the first day of her new job position more easily.

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