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Fashion Finesse

Are you the type of person who follows fashion trends, or do you always choose something practical and of good quality?
Everyone in the town knows Donna who is one of the oldest fashion designers. Everyone who wants to get a new piece of clothing, and wants to follow the latest fashion trend, turns to her, and she helps them choose something that they like and makes them happy when they wear it, but on the other hand, the customer gets a model that suits him well.
Every season, Donna delights the residents of her city by creating interesting pieces of clothing for both men and women. This week, she is preparing her latest collection of clothes, so she needs our help. Let's see together what is happening in Donna's workshop and try to help her finish her work on time and dress everyone for the new season. It doesn't matter if we have some previous knowledge about creating fashion pieces or not, the most important thing is to have a desire, and then everything will be fine. Let's see how we handle this interesting fashion challenge.

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