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Traces of Time

Welcome to an interesting adventure that introduces us to the past and reveals some interesting things.
Namely, Paul is a researcher and a great adventurer who experiences his adventures together with his wife, who is also enthusiastic about new experiences. They are always in the mood to discover new things and are very happy when they do something that is opposed to everyday routines and obligations.
This time Paul and his wife Melissa find a typical stone house in a small European Mediterranean village. The house is old, but nothing has changed about it, as no one has come here in the past 100 years and everything is left as it was in the past. Paul is really surprised by this discovery, and at the same time, he is very excited and hopes to find valuable items from a bygone era. He believes that these objects will help him discover how people lived here hundreds of years ago.Let's join this interesting adventure and find out what life looked like in the past.

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