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Shimmers of Magic

It's time to meet real leprechauns and fairies. You probably won't meet them on the way home, but you will certainly meet them in our game today.
Do you know what forest fairies are? Well, a forest fairy is a species of fairy and animo, a race of being native to the forests of Earth. It sounds very interesting, very intriguing, but also threatening to us, because we don't have many chances to face something like this. On the other hand, we haven't seen real leprechauns, but we see them very often in fiction, so we know a little bit more about them, right?
So, the forest fairies Carol and Loren, together with their friend, the leprechaun Patrick, come to a magical part of the forest. This place is forbidden, and rarely anyone is allowed to enter it. However, those three are here and have a concrete goal in front of them, and that is the valuable objects that are hidden here. They hope that you will find them and that it will not be in vain that they take such a big risk in this situation.

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