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Venetian Adventure

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Yes, most of us know about the Masquerade Ball that takes place there every year and gives the city a mystical note and dimension, attracting countless tourists from all over the world, but the city itself is a story in itself. The city is mostly on the water, some many canals and gondolas pass daily and make the city recognizable.
Furthermore, this city has a striking architecture that differentiates it from other European cities and adds to the whole magic.Dorothy is in Venice with her new partner. The famous masquerade ball is currently taking place in Venice. Dorothy believes that this visit to Venice will be a wonderful experience, but it seems that you are working a little harder.
Namely, Dorothy has one small problem that appears on this romantic trip - next to so many masked people, Dorothy has lost her partner, and she is alone, getting lost in this city that is unknown to her...Let's help Dorothy find her way in this beautiful city.

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