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Marrakech Treasures

Myths and legends are an inevitable part of our past, but we often refer to them today. In the distant past, people could not explain to themselves a series of situations that were happening around them, so they created fantastic stories, finding answers to the questions that bothered them that explained things, but in a fantastic way. Today's story talks about a range of magical things like wizards, magic rings, and even evil spirits.
Sarah and Thomas, together with their adventurer friends, arrive in Marrakech. They hope that in the famous market of Marrakech, they will be able to find the rings that the African wizards used to drive away evil spirits. These rings are part of the Legends of Marrakech, and there is a belief that they are very valuable if found.
For these things that are part of the legends, there is no rational explanation even today, but let's see together what will happen in this game, and maybe we will come to some interesting answers for such phenomena.

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