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Zen Hideaway

Dorothy always wanted to work in a spa, or more specifically, she always wanted to run one. She considers herself a good manager who could conscientiously take care of a company of this type. And Dorothy's long-time wish is finally coming true. This girl is employed as the main manager of a famous spa center that offers countless quality services. This place meets all the criteria and promises relaxation and wellness.
However, even though Dorothy has always seen herself as this kind of manager, this is her first time doing exactly this kind of work, and today is her first day on the job, which means that as much potential as she has, she can't so easily cope with all the challenges. Perhaps she will be able to do her job with great ease shortly, but for now, she could use our help.
Let's get involved in this interesting game and help the young but promising Dorothy more easily cope with all the responsibilities that are in front of her this day. Our joint work at the spa can begin.

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