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Secrets of Azurea

Let's be a part of a royal adventure. Meet Princess Elizabeth, Knight Adam, and their friends who are currently arriving in the mysterious kingdom of Azurea. This team is here on a very important mission. Namely, the princess has come here to deliver a very important message from her father. She has to convince the king of Azurea to make a pact with her father, the king, and defend themselves from the common evil, that is, together to defend themselves against the attacks of the evil King George.
These kingdoms are strong in their own, but not strong enough to oppose such a great evil. If they allow George to gain power over these kingdoms, there is a risk that he will rule them forever which is not desirable in any case.
Let's join this interesting group and help Princess Elizabeth, Knight Adam, and their entourage to convince the King of Azurea to make a pact that will defend them from the evil George. Maybe our help is just what they need to get out of this situation.

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