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Sweet Riddles

It is wonderful when a family business manages to exist for years and is passed on from generation to generation. However, for this to be achieved, you or at least several members of the family must share the same or similar values and have an interest in this work.
Betty is the youngest daughter of the famous sweetie Maria. Maria has been running a beautiful sweet shop for years and knows her business very well, but now she is old and can no longer take care of the family sweet shop. From everyone in the family, only Betty wants to continue the tradition, so today is the first day as the new owner of the famous sweet shop. However, as much as she loves this job and is good at it, Betty is new to the profession, so she needs help to get started.
Let's get involved in this show and see how a family business is run. We can learn something more about the management of such small businesses led by Betty. We hope that everything will go well.

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