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Today, we will work on shedding light on a basketball scandal. We often hear about match-fixing, and the fact is that it happens in sports, no matter how unsportsmanlike it is to do so. Fixing results, foul play, intentionally injuring players - it's all part of the machinery that works to profit dishonestly. But no matter how often it happens, it does not mean we should accept it. On the contrary, we should fight to prevent it from happening.
Detective Melissa, together with basketball coach Gary, worked on this unusual case. Namely, Gary reported illegal betting with a lot of money on the small basketball court. This move raises doubts right away because it is not common in the minor league. And this event was followed by another one, even more serious than the first.
Namely, as a result of those games, one of the players mysteriously disappeared. The coach couldn't find an answer to the whole situation, so he called the detective Melissa.Let's get involved in this investigation and see what it's all about.

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