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A yard sale is not something that is practiced everywhere in the world, but in some places, it is part of the overall culture of living. And it's a really good practice, a practice that saves time and money because you easily get rid of what you don't need, and make room for something new and necessary at that moment.
Margaret's neighbors are having a Yard Sale. She has been in their home many times and knows the neighbors' belongings very well. There are a lot of very valuable objects, but the neighbors simply don't need them at the moment. Margaret calls out to her grandchildren, Brian and Amanda, to come to this interesting yard sale and help her search for valuable items that can be found in her neighbors' yard.
Come and let's make a tour of the neighbors' items and see what can be found in their yard. There is certainly something interesting here, but one still has to be careful and find what is needed. Our search can begin.

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