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Golden Eggs

The obligations related to the Easter holiday are some of the most interesting obligations we complete during the year related to a certain holiday. Of course, here we are primarily referring to the coloring of Easter eggs, which is enjoyed by everyone equally, both older and younger. For some, the real symbol of Easter is the bright red eggs, while many make real works of art from the eggs, combining colors and techniques of coloring and decorating. And it's all wonderful. Everyone is happy and sharing beautiful moments with their families.
Angela is visiting her grandmother in the countryside. She often came here when she was younger and always had a great time, especially around the big Easter holiday. And now it's that time of year. Easter is approaching, so everyone is busy with the responsibilities related to the holiday. Angela remembers that as a child, she heard the legend about the golden Easter eggs hidden in the forest near the village. Angela decides to search for the golden eggs, wanting to find out if these legends are true or not.

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