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Several years ago, Cynthia, her husband Jakob, and their friends often went camping. Staying in nature and holding together made these friends very happy, and it was their favorite way to spend their free time. However, as the years passed, their responsibilities became bigger so it had been a long time since this company had gone camping.
However, the friends decided to go camping together again. They arrive at the location and are too excited because it has been quite a few years since they were camping together. They remember all the camping rules and ways of behaving, and they know the priorities when staying in nature, but they have lost the routine of this way of spending vacations and free time. Because of this, they are excited and a little nervous because they are not sure how they will be able to meet all the challenges associated with camping.
Let's see how Cynthia, Jakob, and their friends will do in nature and help them with the first activities that need to be done after arriving at the camp.

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