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Secrets of the Seer

Are you in the mood to sail a little into the world of mysticism and the occult? Have you ever been read with tarot cards or had a fortune teller tell you your fate with a magic ball? These are things for which there is no material evidence that can prove that they exist, i.e. that what these people or props say is true and not a coincidence, but people often accept to use them to find answers to many questions that bother them.
Pamela is the famous tarot card fortune teller who lives in a trailer. Yes, just like the ones we see in the movies, she is famous because she has helped countless people who come to her from all over the country.
She has a few clients scheduled for today to predict their future. Pamela has to get ready before the clients come because she doesn't want anyone to know her secrets.However, we can peek into Pamela's trailer and see how she does her thing.

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