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Emilia Rose is a fun-loving, hard-working farm girl who owns a lovely expansive farm in the idyllic countryside. And she works on her farm with a lot of passion, being responsible for everything, just on her own. And for people like her, the hardest thing is when they are not able to do their work. Maybe they can't have that much trust in someone else, maybe it's just not possible to quickly explain to someone something she's been practicing for years, etc.
However, Emilia Rose is currently in a somewhat unenviable position. Due to a strong case of hay fever, she was unable to tend to her farm for a long while, and now, the farm is in disarray. She, simply cannot let it deteriorate any further. The crops need harvesting, the animals need tending to, and Emilia needs some good old-fashioned farmyard fun after a certain time.
We are sure that Emilia will especially enjoy the process of putting her farm in order, but she will need our help in managing all the obligations. Let's check out what is waiting for us on the farm.

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