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Hacienda Burglars

Thefts are an inevitable part of our lives, regardless of how much work has been done to raise the awareness and morale of citizens for years.
Mrs. Donna has a lovely hacienda decorated in a beautiful style. And when it comes to such beautiful and large buildings, they are often the target of thieves. Their appearance indicates wealth, so thieves believe they can find valuable things there.These things probably drove the thieves last night when they brazenly robbed Donna's hacienda. Today, detectives Susan and Paul, along with their team, come to the hacienda to see what happened there. The detectives are here to uncover as much evidence as possible to track down the thieves who broke in here last night and took valuables.
We can also get involved in this investigation and help the team of detectives find the necessary evidence faster and record all the clues that would lead to the solution of this case before it is too late or the thieves go far away or sell the stolen things.

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