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The Dock Detective

Smuggling exists in every sphere of our lives, just as all kinds of things are stolen in addition to stealing money or valuables.
And when it comes to smuggling, ports are the places where these things happen most often. Various goods and even people manage to pass from one country to another without being registered. However, smuggling is not something that happens without being caught by the authorities. There are entire teams of detectives and experts who work in this field and succeed to a large extent in stopping such activities.
Mario is a detective whose specialty is smuggling items at the city port, and we have to admit, he has a full-time job at the station. Today, he is back at the big port to discover a new round of smuggled items. However, he should be very careful and find what the others failed to see, to follow all the suspicious tracks to get to the objects. Let's see what one of his working days looks like and help him.

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