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Starlight Academy

It is clear to all of us that space travel is a mission impossible, except for those who are fully committed to it, i.e. astronauts. Space tourism is something we've all heard of, and it's supposed to be available to the very rich, but no, it's not a practice that happens regularly. Real astronauts are subjected to training and exceptional discipline, but also to a large number of selections in which only the best of them continue.
The young astronauts Donna and Mark are currently at the academy that trains young people who will accompany the mission in space. There is a meeting for Starlight Academy - one of the largest training centers in the country. The young potential astronauts are here to have their final preparations before heading to their mission in space. And those preparations are not easy at all and require real dedication and perseverance to achieve the goal.
Let's take a look at one day at Starlight Academy, and see what challenges young astronauts face, which is what you need to go through to sail in this profession.

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