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Hidden Village

It is true that all humans, as a race, have lately come to believe that know everything. This is because humanity has witnessed a series of discoveries that have greatly facilitated our daily life, medicines that have extended human life, and means of transportation that go from one point to another at a tremendous speed, not to mention the incredible achievements of artificial intelligence.
Despite all these technological achievements, we still want to believe in fairy tales and unpredictability. We want to believe that sometimes we don't know everything, and that motivates us to learn new things. Emma is a girl who believes in fairy tales and various legends. Her word and perseverance have brought her to where she is today, and today, she has brought her to a hidden village deep in the mountains.
It is believed that the people who live in this village have supernatural powers. This is due to the medicines that they make from the plants that grow near their village.It's time to start exploring nature and see what can be found in this mysterious village.

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