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Jungle Survival

Adventurers always want excitement. They, driven by adrenaline, put themselves in a series of situations, some of which are even dangerous, but the urge to overcome these situations is what makes them go from one adventure to another.
Dorothy, Ryan, and Amy are three adventurers who like to try new things and visit exotic places. However, they also often found themselves in unfavorable situations, and this is exactly the situation today. Namely, flying over the jungle, Dorothy, Ryan, and Amy had an accident with their plane. You can imagine how terrible the situation is, but luckily, all three of them are alive. However, now they have a big problem in front of them - they need to find a way to save themselves and get out of this place. It is about a jungle, so there are no roads or paths. That means he has to manage with all available resources and find a way to escape from here.
Looking for a way out, Dorothy, Ryan, and Amy suddenly come to the biggest discovery in their lives - a lost city that belongs to some forgotten civilization. There is so much to explore here!

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